Achieving Contrast in your Coloring

Hi everybody. Today I wanted to share with you how I achieve contrast and dimension in my coloring. I am using the Wildflowers stamp set by MFT (now retired) to show you the differences when it comes to your color choices.

When Copic coloring, many people use a traditional 3 color blend, and many times, they are all part of the same blending family. This means they all have the same letter and first number. For example, I used a RV04, RV06 and RV09 for this flower.

It's pretty, but there isn't much to it. Now, if you have ever watched my YouTube channel before, you know I like to add a "scary dark" This basically just means that I typically bring in a color that is WAY darker than what my image to be to achieve more contrast. For the example below, I brought in an RV69.

Already we can see a difference. Now I also talk about the "scary light" which is the highlight color. Now, you want to be careful with this one. Remember, the lighter the color, the more it will act as a colorless blender and move color to places you don't want it to be. For this example, I left out the "scary dark" and brought in an RV11 for my highlight.

Now what happens when we use both the "scary dark" and the "scary light"?

HUGE difference. Now I admit, I refer to these colors as being "scary" because in the beginning, you will think it will ruin all of your coloring. I promise, it won't and even if you don't get the results you are looking for, it's just paper. Here is a comparison between the 3 color traditional blend, and the "scary" colors.

Here is another example using another image from the stamp set.

If you are comfortable with the traditional blending families, then continue with that. Coloring, and crafting in general, should be fun so please do not stress about the results.

I hope this was helpful.

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