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  • How do I become a member?
    Go to the "Become a member" tab and choose the free option. You can either create a new login and password, or use a previous one.
  • How do I add a blog post?
    Once you become a member, please allow up to 24 hours to gain access to the blog. Once you have been given access, your title will change to "writer" and you will see an option on the "INKspirational blog" tab that allows you to create a new post.
  • How to I add my YouTube Video to the site?
    Unfortunately, members will not have access to add their videos, however if you email the link to, the video will be added to the site for you. Your video must be uploaded to youtube as either Public or Unlisted. Please allow up to 24 hours for the video to appear on the site. Views, and subscriptions from the site will carry over to your video on YouTube.
  • What happens if there is inappropriate content?
    Please email me at if you come across any inappropropriate content on the site. The post, or photo will be removed immediately and the creator's membership will be cancelled. Please refrain from religious, or political posts and remain positive. Any negative feedback will be removed.
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